XTRA for work with formatted text documents
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Novelties: XML Socket Server, XTRA dmmXLS

DmmRVF is an XTRA which enables to use documents containing formatting (fonts, subscripts/superscripts, coloured text) in Director and Authorware. It also enables to use alignment (left, right, center or justify). It is also possible to add images, charts etc. Coding Unicode can be used, as well as many other functions that you are used to from text editors.

Editor RVF
An editor is enclosed to the XTRA. In this editor rvf documents for the XTRA dmmRVF are created! Use of this editor is so intuitive that it is not necessary to describe it more. Many formats can be imported into the editor, such as rtf, txt, html, doc etc. A document prepared like this is saved as an rvf and can be directly readinto Director or Authorware.
2 types of editors can be now used with the XTRA:

1. External editor
Using this external editor you prepare your rvf documents that you consequently save on the disc. In the XTRA you load them using the command loadFromFile. The editor is a separate exe applications, that can be easily distributed and thus can allow many people to insert data for your projects.

2. Internal editor
The internal editor is actually an additional dll library which is called dmmRVFEdit.dll. This file has to be placed in the same directory as the  XTRA dmmRVF.x32. The editor is run by clicking on Cast member or the Edit button in "Cast Member properties...". In the projector mode the internal editor is run by the method showEditor.
At the moment there are two versions of internal editors:
a) Version basic
b) Version profi

For the demo version the basic version is distributed. You can download the version profi and than swap dmmRVFEdit.dll. In the demo version the internal editors will only be working for 2 minutes. After this time elapses these editors will no longer be active. However if you quit the editor and then open it again you can work for another 2 minutes.

When distributing a project in which you do not wish to edit rvf documents, do not distribute the upgrade dmmRVFEdit.dll!

Possibilities of use
The XTRA does not need any installed programs like AcrobatReader, Internet Explorer etc. The library is perfect for CD-ROM applications as it really doesn't need any installations.

The library supports
• Director 8 and later
• Authorware 6 and later


17.03.2006   Version 1.6  

The methods loadFromXML, saveToRVF, saveToRTF, saveToXML and addRVF were added.
The properties rtf, xml and textUTF8 were added.
The function loadFromHttp loads also RTF files.

12.12.2005   Version 1.5   The internal editor can be used in both, Author and Project modes.
The internal editor has been renamed from dmmRVFEditA.dll to dmmRVFEdit.dll.
The function loadFromFile gives a value boolean instead of void.
The method loadFromHttp was added.
01.12.2005   Version 1.4   The internal editor was added
The function registration was changed
The function loadZip has been renamed to loadFromZip and it is now realized using the upgrade dmmZip
The functions loadRVF and loadRTF have been put together to one function called loadFromFile
25.10.2004   Version 1.31   System of text wrapping adjusted
10.10.2004   Version 1.3   The Property Editor for insertion of external RVF files directly to cast member was added
The function HighLightText was adjusted
27.09.2004   Version 1.2   FindText and HighLightText methods were added
04.08.2004   Version 1.11   LoadZIP method was added
02.08.2004   Version 1.1  

Print method was added
PrintPreview method was added
LoadRTF method was added
LoadFromFile method was renamed to LoadRVF

20.07.2004   Version 1.0   Creation of the library
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