Extending dll libraries for Studio dmm XTRAS
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Novelties: XML Socket Server, XTRA dmmXLS

Additive dll libraries extend the possibility of offered XTRAS. You add these dll libraries to an appropriate XTRA and if this library is supported you can use its functions. If you do no tadd thiese libraries XTRA will normally work. The extending functions will be inactive though. If you call these functions in the author mode you will be notified by a dialogue window that this dll library is not present in the directory.

This solution using additive dll libraries has been chosen because not everybody buying, for example, dmmXLS needs to download XLS files on the internet or zip XLS file and protect them by a password. Our XTRA then includes the basic functions, it is smaller and it burdens less the application.Every user that needs special functions loads the appropriate dll library according to his choice.It is also possible to create another additive libraries according to the customer's request.

The use of additive libraries is free but only for those customers that have registred the basic version of the XTRA for which the additive library is used.

List of dll libraries for the XTRAS

(version 1.1)
Download (150kB) This dll library downloads files from the internet using the method get and protocol http. You can then easily create Web-CD applications.
Implementation: dmmXLS, dmmRVF
(version 1.1)
Download (130kB) This library loads files saved in zip. This zip can be password protected. The library dmmZip enables to read separate files from this archive and consequently use them in the approprita XTRA.
Implementation: dmmXLS, dmmRVF

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