XTRA dmmXML for work with XML documents
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Novelties: XML Socket Server, XTRA dmmXLS

Description and possibilities of use
To use XML documents in Macromedia Director and Macromedia Authorware the parser dmmXML has been created. This parser is quick and simple. Its functuions can be divided into the following categories:
1.Entering functions that open the document.
2.Navigating functions that enable the movement in the XML document.
3.Output functions that give values of the appropriate nodes in the XML document.

To work with an XML document is easy. First you have to open the XML document and then to call the function startXML(). This function always sets the XML document at the beginning. By calling the navigating function we go deeper in the XML document. When we get to our desired node we find out the appropriate values using the output functions.

The library supports
• Director 8 and later
• Authorware 6 and later


2.2.2006   Version 1.0   Creation of the library
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