Date of update: 5/15/2011

XTRA for work with Microsoft Excel files

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The dmmXLS Xtra is designed to allow you to work with Microsoft Excel files in Macromedia Director. One big advantage of dmmXLS is that you do not need to have Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Jet Provider or any other programs installed on your computer. The library works standalone, making it ideal for CD-ROM applications. The xtra works with the following versions of Excel: 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 95, 97, 2000, 2003. It also allows access to worksheets and formulae.

The main advantage of using xls files in multimedia applications is the ability to incorporate existing spreadsheet data dynamically into Director projects. DmmXLS allows developers to separate spreadsheet construction and program design. As the xtra is standalone it makes it an ideal choice for CD-ROM applications.

The library supports
• Director 8, 9, 10, 11, 11.5
• Authorware 6 and later

27.03.2009 Version 3.1 Attention: A new parameter password has been added to the functions loadFromFile and saveToFile.
The functions ref2ColRow, colRow2Ref, getCellValRef, getCellVal, getCellHtml, getCellHtmlRef, getCellRtf and getCellRtfRef were added.
09.03.2009 Version 3.0 The version 3.0 supports format xlsx of Excel 2007.
The functions setCellFontStyle, setCellHAlign, setCellVAlign and setCellRotation were added.
27.02.2009 Version 2.9 The functions sheetProtection and cellProtection were added.
10.12.2008 Version 2.8 The functions setCellFontName, setCellFontSize and setCellFontColor were added.
23.10.2008 Version 2.7 The function getCellString was adjusted.
The event xtraError was added.
The event onDataHttp was renamed to dataHttp.
05.12.2007   Version 2.6   The functions GetCellUTF8String and SetCellUTF8String were changed.
18.01.2007   Version 2.5   The function getSheetName was added.
27.03.2006   Version 2.4   The functions insertCol and deleteCol were added.
The function deleteRow was repaired.
23.03.2006   Version 2.3   The functions getCellDateTime and setCellDateTime were added.
The event dataHttp was renamed to onDataHttp.
21.11.2005   Version 2.2   The functions setCellFormula, getCellIntegerFormula, getCellDoubleFormula, getCellStringFormula and getCellBooleanFormula were added.
The functions loadFromHttp and loadFromZip for new versions of dmmHttp.dll and dmmZip.dll were changed.
22.10.2005   Version 2.1   The functions loadFromHttp, loadFromZip and getCellAnsiString were added.
The event dataHttp was added.
The function readXLS was renamed to loadFromFile.
The function writeXLS was renamed to saveToFile.
07.10.2005   Version 2.0   Version 2.0 of dmmXLS is now released.
The version 2.0 supports Excel 2003.
The function XtraVersion was added.
The functions InsertRow and DeleteRow were changed.
The function GetCellUnicodeString has been renamed to GetCellUTF8String.
The function SetCellUnicodeString has been renamed to SetCellUTF8String.
17.08.2005   Version 1.7   Number of parametres of the function Registration was changed.
The functions ErrorDialog, ErrorLog were added.
14.04.2005   Version 1.6   The functions IsNoError, InsertRow, DeleteRow were added.
02.12.2004   Version 1.5   The functions GetCellUnicodeString, SetCellUnicodeString, GetCellDouble, SetCellDouble, GetCellInteger, SetCellInteger, GetCellBoolean, SetCellBoolean were added.
27.09.2004   Version 1.4   The functions errorMsg, writeXLS and setCellString were added.
22.08.2004   Version 1.3   Some of the functions were completely worked over including their names, parametres etc.
04.08.2004   Version 1.2   XTRA dmm_xls.x32 was renamed to dmmXLS.x2.
Functions calling was repaired.
06.06.2004   Version 1.1   The administration of memory was adjusted.
02.05.2004   Version 1.0   Creation of the XTRA.

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