Date of update: 5/15/2011

XTRA dmmFTS for fulltext searching

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Fulltext indexer dmmFTSIndexerFile

File to be downloaded
There is a fully working application available.

dmmFTSIndexerFile (980 kB)

The dmmFTSIndexerFile indexer is to build fulltext indexes from html, rvf, rtf, and txt files. The indexer is an external exe application.

10.10.2004   Version 1.0   Creation of the indexer

1.Extract the zip file.
2.Copy the file dmmFTSIndexerFile.exe to any folder and run it.

How the indexer works, how to begin
1.Put all the files you want to index to one directory. This directory can contain any number of sub-directories. This is very important because relative paths to files, that begin just with the chosen directory are saved to the database.
2.For html documents the title between tags in the head is taken as a name. If the title doesn´t exist, the name of the html file saved on the hard disc is taken instead.
3.For rvf, rtf anf txt files the name of the file saved on the hard disc is taken as a name.

The way how to use and create the fulltext index

1.Prepare the documents you want to index. For html documents fill in the tag title and for other documents choose their name. This is also very important as these names will appear as names of the documents for fulltext searching. If you name your document, for example "abc", nobody will actually know what sort of document it is.
2.Copy the documents to a chosen directory.
3.Choose a file on the hard disc, to which the fulltext index will be saved, for example c:\demo\demo.fts. This file will consequently be used for the fulltext searching itself.
4.Choose type of the documents you want to index (html, rvf, rtf, txt).
5. Press the button "Load folder" and choose the directory containing the documents to be indexed.
6.Check if the loaded documents have the right names. If they don´t, correct their names on the hard disc or correct the tag title (for html documents).
7.Press the button "Build FTS Index".
8.To end your work with the indexer press "Close".

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